'A Great Silence Is Spreading Over The Natural World'

This piece is the result of some recent experiments. I remembered this article I read months ago and decided to adapt the roughs for an editorial context. It's perhaps not as direct or conceptual as most editorial work out there, but I'm pleased with the result and I think it would have turned out quite differently if I'd approached it in a more calculated way. 

A couple of print layouts.

One of the initial experiments, done with stencils and spray paint. I got the idea for this after going to the William Klein / Daido Moriyama exhibition at the Tate Modern. Not all the subject matter interested me but I really liked the rich grainy quality of their photographs and I'm glad I was able to reproduce it without relying on a Photoshop filter. 

Also, I listened to this great lecture by Dr. Krause while I was working on the image.
It's one of the more interesting talks I've heard recently and I highly recommend it.

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Nick Jobbings said...

Really nice illo. I could imagine the technique being employed really well to show dust and smoke and all the vapourous ruin caused by heavy industry, and great that you went with a traditional approach.

Keep it up