Deivison Carvalho said...

This is so BEAUTIFUL! I totally agree with you about the feeling passing by this old photographs. I will never understand how amazing it is.

The beard guy profile is bigger awesome! The hands of the figure with female expressions, too!

Keep it up and I hope you still working at more photographs studies.

Cheers, Finn

Jean Fhilippe said...

Truly profound endeavor, when I worked at a frame shop I remember coming across some very interesting and century old photos from families too, sometimes I'd spend more time than I could just staring at them, wondering away. I felt sometimes like scanning them at work too, but thought it better to spend that time staring.
Excellent spread, I'm really looking forward to some more, it's been a while since I've seen some!


Finn Clark said...

Cheers guys. I'm working on a few new things at the moment. Hopefully they'll be finished soon.