Tzu Hang

"Life would be miserably dull if one listened to every foreboding or took heed of every warning"  -Miles Smeeton

Miles Smeeton was an adventurer and an inspiration to my father, who wrote a biography about him and his wife Beryl. The couple travelled around the world for many years, fifteen of which were spent aboard their yacht, a 46 foot Bermudan ketch called Tzu Hang. In this time they travelled over 130,000 miles - the equivalent of five circumnavigations of the globe - and on two separate occasions were dismasted and pitchpoled (flipped stern over bow) in rough seas to the west of Cape Horn. Nevertheless, these experiences failed to suppress their spirit for adventure. 

This was published in The Book of Illustrated Quotes and Sayings (#7), an annual catalogue 
of graduates work compiled by the Illustration department at University College Falmouth.


Jean Fhilippe said...

Oh man, that's beautiful Finno! You truly spoke through this image, and I really feel wonder and solitude by looking at it. What a great visual narrative of that story. Again, beautiful.

The yatch riding that wave feels almost etheral, even in such a familiar environment.


scgc said...

The biography is called High Endeavours and still in print in Canada - a great read about a truly inspirational couple.. Miles and Beryl Smeeton - If you only read one book this year make it this one!

ashley mackenzie said...

Those clouds are absolutely incredible! Brilliant piece, keep up the great work!

Finn Clark said...

Thanks guys.